Songs I Don’t Like Listening To Anymore

Part 1

I also can’t listen to any songs that were released in 2009, or any albums that were released that year, and 2009 was the most difficult year of my life because I hadn’t been enjoying life at all that year. Remember what was said in the section ‘Two Important Stories’ about my then imaginary girlfriend Karen being at her worst because of that?

In 2014, I found that I still had an Editors album that I had bought in 2009 and was released that year called In This Light And On This Evening and I asked my Mum to take it to the charity shop, and so she did. Other albums that were released in 2009 and I bought include Quicken The Heart by Maximo Park, and Wall Of Arms by The Maccabees, and I gave them both away in about 2010. Maximo Park hasn’t got a Wikipedia entry in this paragraph because the band title has a double dot over the I, and I can’t hyperlink to the Wikipedia page because of that. If you want to find out more about Maximo Park on Wikipedia, just go to the ‘Quicken The Heart’ link, and you will find another link from there, because probably all Wikipedia pages have links that take you to other pages.

Part 2

There are some songs that I don’t like listening to anymore because they remind me of when I used to listen to them a lot in 2009. Here is a list of what they are, all of which are by the same singer. I have decided to give each of these songs Wikipedia links so that anyone who views this bit of writing can find out more about the song, and not YouTube links so that I can’t listen to them on YouTube via my website. I don’t have a problem with other people liking them.

1. John Lennon - Imagine

2. John Lennon - Instant Karma

3. John Lennon - Mother

4. John Lennon - Jealous Guy

5. John Lennon - Power To The People

6. John Lennon - Cold Turkey

7. John Lennon - Love

8. John Lennon - Mind Games

9. John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

10. John Lennon - #9 Dream

I do love Roxy Music’s version of ‘Jealous Guy’, mind you if it wasn’t for John Lennon’s version, there wouldn’t have been their version, and the fact that it was a tribute to him and was released not so long after he was murdered.

Some time ago in about 2011, my Mum bought be a John Lennon album, and it was called Working Class Hero - The Definitive Collection which was released in 2005 and consists of two discs. I know for a fact that all ten of the songs mentioned in the list above are some of the songs on the album, all of which have previously appeared on the album Lennon Legend - The Very Best Of John Lennon. Well anyway, I was out having a walk with my Mum in our local cemetery on Sunday the 19th of July 2015, and I couldn’t enjoy it on that particular occasion because I was under a lot of stress because I was thinking about those songs being in my head without wanting to. I hadn’t been listening to any of them beforehand, but it did remind me of when I found life difficult in 2009 though I know that was six years before.

If John Lennon was still alive and he was reading this, I’d apologise to him for this, but after we got back from being out, I smashed up both the discs as well as the case for it. In the process of smashing up one of the discs, I accidentally cut one of my fingers on my left hand. Though there are green Amazon link to the albums mentioned in the previous paragraph, I don’t think I’ll ever order either of them for myself.

After I smashed the discs and the case up in little bits, I put them in a used coke bottle, filled the bottle up with water, put the lid on tight, and wrapped it up in kitchen paper and sellotape, after which, I made a lighthouse out of it. It wasn’t a full sized coke bottle, and the lighthouse I made out of it is white and blue. I could have painted it white and red, but I used up all the red paint on all the other lighthouses I’ve made in the past. I used to make ones out of used bubble bath bottles, but I now prefer to use used coke bottles because they’re very round whereas bubble bath bottles are not quite as round.

On the subject of 2009 being my most difficult year, From Saturday the 24th of July 2015 at 8:00 pm onwards, I have tried and succeeded at having all the metaphorical furniture of 2009 in my life being put out on the pavement outside. Don’t ask me why I’m saying that I’ve been doing it from then onwards as I didn’t deliberately choose that particular time, I was just looking at the clock in my bedroom on that day when I’ve chosen to try and do that. It’s not so much of any significance for me, it was just purely unconscious of me.

Part 3

Another song I really can’t bare to listen to anymore is a song by The Cure called ‘Friday I’m In Love’. The reason for that is because on Thursday the 7th of April 2016, I was out with one of my support workers, and in the car on the way home, I was listening to that song on my MP3 Player when the support worker accidentally hit a muntjac. Worse, less than a minute later, I accidentally saw a stranger walking the opposite way and memorised that person without wanting to. No offence to that person though.

After I got home, I was so stressed, that I smashed up my Cure CD; I smashed up the disc and the case for it, which got the stress out of my system. I express my deepest apologies to any of the members and former members should they read this bit. After I smashed up the disc and the case, I put all the broken bits in a used bubble bath bottle and filled it up with water. The next day, Friday the 8th of April, I shook the bottle to a ‘Top Of The Pops’ performance of the song ‘The Boys Of Summer’ by former Eagles drummer Don Henley. I did have a red YouTube link to the clip on this page, but the clip has been removed from YouTube. Anyway, afterwards there was a real mess in the bottle from shaking it.

Anyway, I made a green lighthouse out of the used bubble bath bottle with the water in it and the broken Cure CD in it. It was completed on Friday the 22nd of April 2016 as I didn’t start work on it straight after putting the booklet, the broken disc and case into it and filling it with water. I didn’t even expect to complete it that soon. I have made other lighthouses beforehand which will be mentioned in this section later on.

Programmes I Don’t Like Watching Anymore

Part 1 = Count Arthur Strong

I got a DVD of the first series of a comedy programme which I got into in early 2015 called Count Arthur Strong. I got it for my 28th birthday on the 30th of May 2015, as well as other presents obviously.

I didn’t bring myself to start watching the DVD of the first series of ‘Count Arthur Strong’ until Saturday the 11th of July 2015 when I watched the first episode with my Mum while we had food from the chip shop. We watched each new episode of the series on DVD each time we had our food from the chip shop. I didn’t enjoy the programme as much as I thought I would because the things that happened in the first series, especially the second episode of the series make me imagine what it’s like to actually be there.

Well anyway, on Friday the 4th of December 2015, I decided to watch the whole series in my bedroom to see if I still actually like it, and I wasn’t even enjoying it thoroughly, I was just going through the motions of it. Mind you my interest of watching the programme did start to falter about four days after I first watched the second episode on Saturday the 18th of July 2015. In the middle of the fourth episode of the first series, the DVD froze in the machine, and I took out the DVD and smashed it up which obviously isn’t ideal under such circumstances. I even smashed up the case for it and I put all the little bits of the disc and the case into a used coke bottle and filled it up with water.

After that, I shook the bottle a lot to five songs I listened to in the process that evening. In the latter stages of shaking the bottle quickly to the five songs, I changed hands more quickly. After that, there was a real mess in the bottle. I’m not at all bothered about no longer owning the DVD because of what I did to it seeing as I no longer like ‘Count Arthur Strong’. I apologise to any cast member who would ever read this. I don’t so much not like the programme because of the DVD freezing in the machine, but more for the reasons mentioned earlier in this bit.

I made another lighthouse; I wrapped the bottle up with kitchen paper and sellotape and painted it. This lighthouse was completed on Sunday the 6th of December 2015 and was a darker blue. After I finished painting the lighthouse, I put a layer of sellotape around it so that the paint didn’t smudge. I didn’t need very much sellotape to do that, and in fact I had just about enough for it. Not that I can see it anymore obviously, but the mess in the bottle remains as well as the water in it. ‘Mess in the bottle’ is only three letters short of ‘message in the bottle’. When I told my Mum I had just about enough sellotape for it, she still suggested to me that she gets me some more sellotape in case I would want to make anymore lighthouses in the future, so she did.

On Sunday the 20th of December 2015, my Aunt Lisa and her husband Glenn came to our house for the day, and because I had already given Lisa one of my lighthouses I made for her some time ago, I gave Glenn one of my blue lighthouses mentioned in this section that I made. I mean the bright blue one and not the dark blue one.

I was at my Nan and Granddad’s house for a weekend in February 2016, and I took the dark blue lighthouse with me to their house, and I gave it to one of their neighbours called Ken.

Part 2 = The Young Ones


Although I like watching certain comedy programmes, there are certain bits in them which I don’t like coming across. In the fourth episode of the first series of The Young Ones called ‘Bomb’ the character Rick, played by Rik Mayall is in what he thinks is the post office, when in fact it’s the DHSS, and he’s horrible to an old man, and he says to him, “I think old people are really boring, and the only reason you don’t understand our music is that you don’t like it”, and it’s a bit that I don’t like watching in that episode because I wouldn’t speak to anyone like that, and the fact that I would hate it if I got mistaken for someone who would behave like that. Well anyway, he writes a telegram to Margaret Thatcher to let her know that they’ve got a bomb, and in the telegram, he says, “Do what we want or we’ll blow it up”. Well anyway whilst writing his telegram, he stops the server from serving the old man behind him, and I don’t like watching that bit either because it makes me imagine that I’m behaving in a somewhat similar way, which I would never do, and the fact that I would hate it if anyone thought I would.

As a matter of fact, I have completely gone off ‘The Young Ones’ as I hate the bit in the sketch in the episode called ‘Interesting’ where near the end of it, Neil thought he woke up from a bad dream, and just before the credits rolled, he looked into the camera and said, “Oh, it was all a dream. Fancy that. Phew!” You may know that episode if you have ever watched ‘The Young Ones’; it’s the fifth episode of the first series. After the credits did roll, it turned out he wasn’t dreaming, and that is not conducive to the things I would make up in my own head. I never liked that bit in the first place, but it has become a major problem for me. It would have been better if it had been a dream otherwise I wouldn’t have disliked that episode, mind you that probably wouldn’t have been what the makers of the programme wanted.

It’s actually my least favourite episode of ‘The Young Ones’ ever, and I know damn well not to watch it without anyone telling me not to. However, there is a funny bit in it where Rick turned on the record player, and only about two seconds later, two police officers turned up, one of which smashed the record player with his baton, and said that “the music’s too loud” and that “the neighbours have been complaining”, after which he turned to Rick and said, “You just watch your step sonny!” I still can’t bring myself to watch that bit because of the thought of the ending of that episode.


On the 1st of November 2016, I woke up from a bad dream that was actually based on my least favourite episode of ‘The Young Ones’. The sketch in the dream was exactly the same as in the episode, and there was a party happening in the dream like in the episode, and I was the Neil of the dream, and there was someone else in the dream that was my clone and was the Rick of the dream, and the date was the 27th of July 2016. The next three paragraphs below comprise of the details of the dream that I want to get off my chest, much of which is remarkable of me to remember.

Nearly every episode of ‘The Young Ones’ had a performance in the middle of them, well this dream I was having had five performances. The first performance was a group called ‘The Hard Knocks’ performing a song by Secret Affair called ‘Let Your Heart Dance’. To the song, they made all the horrible people in the world 200 billion percent horrible, and they made all the grumpy people in the world 200 billion percent grumpy, and they made all the cross people in the world 200 billion percent cross, and they made all the moody people in the world 200 billion percent moody, and they made all the stroppy people in the world 200 billion percent stroppy, and they made all the rude people in the world 200 billion percent rude, and they made all the arrogant people in the world 200 billion percent arrogant, and they made all the bad-mannered people in the world 200 billion percent bad-mannered, and they made all the antisocial people in the world 200 billion percent antisocial, and they made all the threatening people in the world 200 billion percent threatening, and they made all the abrasive people in the world 200 billion percent abrasive, and they made all the disapproving people in the world 200 percent disapproving, and they made all the foul-mouthed people in the world 200 billion percent foul-mouthed, and they made all the angry people in the world 200 billion per cent angry, and they made all the bullish people in the world 200 billion percent bullish, and they made all the cold-hearted people in the world 200 billion percent cold-hearted and black-hearted, and they made all the upcoming music about to be made 200 billion percent terrible, all at the same time. I apologise if it’s a lot to take in for anyone reading this bit. As a result of that happening in the dream, I cannot listen to ‘Let Your Heart Dance’ by Secret Affair anymore, though I don’t mind ‘Time For Action’.

After that performance, the four other performances were by four bands of four teenagers each comprising of two boys and two girls, and every song they each performed were songs by a band called The Courteeners. The first song was ‘Cavorting’ performed by a band called ‘Group Of Bad-Mannered Teenagers’ comprising of Stephen Tate on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Hetty Miller on bass, Tom Russell on lead guitar, and Vicky Burrows on drums. The second song was ‘What Took You So Long’, performed by a band called ‘Group Of Antisocial Teenagers’ comprising of Luke Anderson on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Daisy Woods on bass, Dean Bennett on lead guitar, and Amy Roberts on drums. The third song was ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ performed by a band called ‘Group Of Threatening Teenagers’ comprising of Jamie Gibbons on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Scarlett Warner on bass, Darren Adams on lead guitar, and Hannah Ball on drums. The fourth and last song was ‘No You Didn’t, No You Don’t’ by a band called ‘Group Of Abrasive Teenagers comprising of Joshua Kelly on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Molly Thompson on bass, Henry Reynolds on lead guitar, and Imogen Bell on drums. I don’t know if there are any teenagers in the world with those exact names, and if there are and they are reading this, please don’t think I am taking about you because I’m not.

Anyway, after the performances, I was surrounded by a girl group called ‘Pretty Little Liars’, and one of them said, “Oh dear, oh dear. You Don’t want to please anyone do you”, and I said “What do you mean”, and another said, “you want to displease everyone don’t you”, and I said, “No”, and another said, “Well, there is one thing we can do for you”, and I said, “What”, and one of them said, “Beat you up!” And then they knocked me down and started kicking me, at which point the party got out of hand like in the episode of ‘The Young Ones’. I am discouraged from going on Wikipedia and finding out about the girl group mentioned in this paragraph as a result of that happening in the dream, for which I apologise to them.

I immediately woke up and realised that I was only dreaming, about which I was very relieved indeed, and as a result of me having that dream, I dislike the Young Ones episode called ‘Interesting’ and the programme itself even more that I had done before I had the dream. I did have the complete collection of ‘The Young Ones’ but I gave it away because of all that. I even associate that programme with this theory I used to have that the radio DJ Steve Wright was controlling reality with his mind and that he was making things happen with it. The reason I associate ‘The Young Ones’ with that theory is because I started watching ‘The Young Ones’ on video a lot just after I developed that theory. Apparently, this was before I had a DVD machine. I can’t even watch the television series ‘The Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ anymore because I was also watch that on video after I developed my previous Steve Wright theory I can’t give ‘The Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy a blue Wikipedia link because it has an apostrophe in it which stops me from hyper-linking it. There will be more about the Steve Wright theory later on on this website.